5 Keys to Living an Extraordinary Life – Part 2

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Key 3– Confidence not arrogance

What’s the difference between confidence and arrogance?

Who do you imagine when you think of those 2 words?

Arrogance is a know it all type of person.

Confidence is a solid belief in who you are BUT also a person who is prepared to learn new things, to

do life in a different way, to think outside the box.

Damien could have been arrogant.

By our physical and mental standard he stands head and shoulders above most in areas of fitness.

He could have embraced self pity because now he was but a shadow of who he was before.

Damien refused to be arrogant, instead released the confidence he had within himself to be the

champion he always believed he was.

Confidence meant he was prepared to learn new skills, think of other options, make new


Damien married the love of his life and in his ‘free’ time he became a rally car navigator and even

took up snow-boarding (something he had done pre the army).

Let me encourage you to be confident and learn new skills, meet new people, step out of your

comfort zone.

No matter what you’re facing, there is always another way.

Embrace your confidence and dig down deep inside you to find new gifts and talents.

Key 4: Ownership and Accountability

Blaming others.

It’s infiltrated our thinking and making us weak.

When something happens we have to take ownership not shift the blame onto somebody else.

Damien could still have been stuck in the blame game.

He chose to take ownership of his situation and make the changes necessary to move on.

Refusing self pity, Damien looked at what he had and made choices accordingly.

He trained to participate in the Paralympics.

He set goals, trained hard and became accountable to others around him.

A very worthwhile trait, many of us need to uncover in our thinking.

Did he make the team?

No, but he became a better person for his determination to make the most of his life now.

Let me encourage you to take ownership of your situation and make choices to change what needs

to be changed within you power to do so.

Key 5: Integrity.

Did you see the movie Hacksaw Ridge?

It won awards at the Oscars.

Damien was one of the starts in a scene where a soldier had his legs blown off.

It was such an impressive movie – that was based on a true story.


Most of us value (or should value) this trait.

Above all else, integrity.

Being true to yourself, true to who you are regardless of what pressures are around you to be one of

the crowd.

Being trustworthy, that your word is your bond, people can rely on you to be a solid rock.

Who you are, the real you: That is your gift to the world.

We can bring so much into the lives of others.

Damien has written his story to inspire others like me.

Your story will inspire others too.

What is deep down within you that life and others has squashed out?

Be prepared to stand alone and be true to yourself.

That brings courage for others to follow.

I hope the 5 keys I have shared have been an inspiration to you.

May it release to the surface the greatness that lies within you for others to recognise.

You are a champion and I really want the best for your life.

Jenny G (cheering you on!)


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here who will help you navigate the rocky beginnings and set you up for financial abundance.

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