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Welcome to “THE BRILLIANT YOU” if you want to live the life you have always dreamed of but never thought possible

I am Jenny Gosling, Married for over 40 years to my gorgeous husband Trevor. We have lived most of our lives in the vibrant tourist city of Coffs Harbour. It is an idyllic and beautiful part of the world on the east coast of Australia with mountains to the west and white sandy beaches to the east. We have 2 awesome sons, Matt and Brad, with equally gorgeous wives Bec and Tina who have given us 7 wonderful grandchildren.

Involved in a traditional business for 40+ years, Trevor knows what long hours are all about. This is where he trades an hour of time in return for money. The 50-70hrs each week means the ‘job’ becomes a life stealer.

I have been a teacher and a financial planner. I knew there was more to living my ‘perfect day’ but I was trapped.

Over the years we became involved in many different business and investment ventures only to become more discouraged. They either gave us income and no time freedom or time with limited income.

We are a family of dreamers; dreaming of travelling the world, spending time with family and taking exotic and wonderful adventures. Dreaming of helping those in need, building and assisting in projects whenever possible. (Check our projects page).

Gosling Family 2016-6All of us want that don’t we……..time and money to enjoy life with those you want, when you want, where you want.

Sadly people shut down and become limited by their circumstances, accepting being average because they believe this is all that is possible.

But that can change!

I want to help you dream again and give you some tools that could bring you time and financial freedom. Even thought you may have tried and failed just like we have, or even given up hope, it doesn’t have to stay that way. I want to ignite the brilliance that lies within you.

As you navigate this site, you will see the “Brilliant Movement” that can start you on your financial journey; a journey to an ongoing  6 and 7 figure income. What would you do if money was no problem? I have suggested multiple streams of income to get that happening for you all from your computer or from home within the next 12 months.

It is possible when you follow a simple system. You will have a personal coach assigned to help you through all of this so that you are not left alone to figure it out by yourself.

The BRILLIANT LIFE page has blog articles about family, health, mind and spirit. Unlimited finances are no fun without a healthy body and healthy relationships.

You have been created a unique human and I’m here to encourage you to live the life that you deserve and were destined to live- full of abundance. Deep down you know that’s who you are meant to be. If you don’t wake up each day with passion and enthusiasm then maybe it is time for an upgrade. If you aren’t able to work from any place in the world whenever you want, then maybe you’re ready for a change. The digital age is here; embrace the possibilities it brings and the world will become your market place, 6 and 7 figure incomes will become your reality.

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