Identifying the 6 Invisible Forces That Operate Inside You

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Why do you do what you do?

What’s driving you on the inside?

You, along with every person on this planet has an internal force that operates within them. Most often you have no conscious understanding that they are influencing you every moment of the day.

By recognising these 6 invisible forces, you can appreciate what’s really going on inside and inside others.

We are all shaped by the sense of achievement and the art of fulfilment. We all like to feel we’ve achieved something, tasks are completed, a great job done, we are appreciated and valued. Many of us set goals, tick the boxes as completed and feel good about a job well done. However that’s pretty empty if that’s what we place our value and worth upon.

The higher level is the art of fulfilment – knowing that we have contributed, given of ourselves, made someone’s life better as a result of what we’ve been able to do. We admire and value people who have done just that. I know how fulfilled I have felt when I have been able to assist someone in need, use what I have to bless and encourage them. I’m sure you have too.

The 6 invisible forces that bring us to the point of fulfilment are related to 6 needs that lie deep within us.

1] CERTAINTY – That inbuilt need where we require security. Knowing what’s going on, things that are predictable – like the sun coming up in the morning, our home being as it was when we left it.

2] VARIETY – As important as certainty is, we all hunger for a bit of variety and unpredictability. It brings a sense of excitement and anticipation. Like a child wondering what’s in the box under the Christmas tree, that zing of the unknown motivates us. However, in limited doses.

3] SIGNIFICANCE – We all need to know that our life really counts, we have value and worth. We are on this earth for a reason. The older I get, the more I lean towards significance, desiring that may life has impacted my world in a positive manner, that I have given something of value.

4] CONNECTION AND LOVE – Life is about relationships and not meant to be done alone. Deep within our hearts we long for authentic connection, being understood and loved.

5] GROW – learning, expanding, looking, listening, or reading. Our minds are hungry to learn. A new skill, a place we’ve never seen before, an article in the newspaper or magazine, a You Tube clip or book. Without this invisible force we would begin to die.

6] CONTRIBUTION – As we learn and grow, listen and receive, we have a desire to give back. This is the highest form of fulfilment. So many people love to give a helping hand, give to a charity, because they know that there is no greater sense of satisfaction to know who you are and what you have really counts. Giving of yourself and what you “own” reveals the real meaning of your life.

Appreciate these 6 invisible forces that operate within you and every person you connect with. We all have the same human needs driving us.

Live each day with security in knowing we have a place in this world, enjoy the uncertainties and joyful expectation of the unknown events, and know you are absolutely significant.

Protect your relationships knowing friendships and love are precious, grow every day by learning something new and contribute back into your world by giving of yourself and share what you have.

We can achieve a lot personally by setting goals and ticking boxes, but no greater force operates within you that the art of fulfilment.

May you live a powerful and fulfilled life from this day on.

Jenny Gosling.

Many thanks to Tony Robbins who stimulated a lot of this content for me to write.

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