Living Your Dynamic Life – 10 Principles of Success +?

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What do you really want out of life?

Great relationships?    Finance?  Holidays? Success? Significance?

The list could be endless, because we all want to live a life that’s filled with joy, free from fear, free from worry, and one that’s contributing into the lives of others around them.

I recently read a book about dynamic living. You know, one that’s lived at 100%, well close enough on a daily basis, regardless of what curve ball gets thrown at you. I know that’s easier said than done, but one no doubt we all would like to aspire to live.

The write of the book suggested a formula that looks like this:

DL = (GGE + PS) x PPSI

The letters mean nothing, but it’s what they stand for that can make a significant difference to the way we look at life.

Dynamic Living (DL) = (God Given Equipment i.e. YOU and all your genius + Principles of Success) x a Positive Self Image.

There’s much I could say about all of those ‘sub-headings’ but I know if we mix those 3 ingredients together we will live a dynamic life.

1] You are an amazing genius – (GGE): your brain, nervous system, muscles, eyes, ears, digestive system, bones, blood, kidneys, lungs, heart…….the list is endless. You are an amazing machine!  Better than any computer and you have the power to love, care and serve. You are amazing!!!! You’re talented, can create, write, make, draw, and fix.

2] Principles of Success -(PS): – have to be taught, learnt and put into practice. Now that’s the hard bit. This means it requires a bit of discipline which is easy for some and harder for others. Some have had a more instructive childhood in some of these areas, while others have missed out on a bit, but that doesn’t disqualify you. You just have to be a bit more committed to learning and action.

These Principles of Success need more explanation, but for now I’ll list them so you can at least start to think about them.

#1 Principle of GIVING – generosity “give and you will receive”.

#2 Principle of EXCLUSION – get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you do want.

#3 Principle of CREATION – turn your dreams into reality. Decide what you want, define it clearly and specifically and write it down.

#4 Principle of VISUALISATION – get a clear mental picture of what you want, infuse it with emotion and hold onto it.

#5 Principle of COMMAND – speak it into existence. Your brain follows what you speak.

#6 Principle of ACTION – Do it NOW!!

#7 Principle of FAITH – believe it before you see it. “Faith is the substance f things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”.

#8 Principle of ENTHUSIASM – put everything you’ve got into everything you do.

#9 Principle of SELF DISCIPLINE – Do it anyhow. Do what needs to be done when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not.

#10 Principle of PERSISTENCE – I will do it until it’s done.

3] Positive Self Image (PSI)

You may be the most talented person who ever lived; you may know the principles of success backwards and forwards, read books and attended seminars, however, you may not be achieving a small portion of your potential.

Positive thinking does not always work, particularly if it’s in direct contrast with the picture you have of yourself. Your-self image is the sum total of attitudes, facts and feelings which you have accumulated about yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will never use your abilities to its full potential. Someone has made you believe lies about who you really are, but those lies can be replaced by the truth. You can change and believe in the person you have been created to be.


I want to challenge you with who you think you are and who you can be. The challenge is to recognise and grasp your God given equipment; to utilise the 10 universal principles which will move your life forward in an exciting experience if you will learn and apply them. I then challenge you to believe in yourself. Write down a description of that person and invest time with that person every day.

If you do those things your life will change for the better, you will learn to live dynamically and experience life that is filled with joy and happiness, free from fear and free from worry. Then you will understand what life was designed to be: an exciting, exhilarating experience!

Jenny Gosling

Face book: Jenny Gosling: The Brilliant You


Thanks to Skip Ross and his book ‘Say Yes to Your Potential’ for inspiring the thoughts contained here.

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