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In the old days, obtaining a comfortable six-figure salary involved spending 5 long years in college, then doing a few more years of post-graduate education to become a doctor, a lawyer, or an esteemed business professional. Fortunately for each one of us, those days are far behind us. Online business is how you get rich in today’s world.

Enter: The Era

When the internet first began picking up steam, a lot of intelligent entrepreneurs saw a new and exciting opportunity to make money without being chained to a chair and a desk all day long. Instead of trading their time for money like most corporate-minded individuals do, they decided that starting an online business and making passive income was much more suitable to their lifestyle.

If you think about it, the wealthiest people in the world are typically CEO’s of very large, Fortune 500 level companies, doctors, lawyers and business people. The entrepreneur of today chooses to focus their time creating a healthy income through the internet than opening up a store front. Though doing business the traditional way is not necessarily a bad thing, running an online business can provide you with more freedom and financial security than you ever thought possible. That’s the surest way for you to get rich online.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Online Business Can Make you Rich

#1: Easy to Scale

It is extremely challenging to scale a traditional business—you have to deal with the pains of hiring more employees (and keeping them), you have to worry about retaining your current clients and customers, and you have non-labor expenses like a store front, bank accounts, etc. When you run an online business however, you can scale quickly without experiencing growing pains. Your costs will be reduced, your labor time will be reduced and you won’t have the worries that other business owners have.

#2: Don’t Have to Trade Time for Money

If you’re doing consulting or running a retail store, you always have to be at work because your time is worth money. If you manage an ecommerce site or have a high-traffic blog, minimal work is needed to keep customers coming in once you’ve established the brand and built the business. What does that mean? If you want to go on a spontaneous vacation to Tahiti, you’re free to do it. No one can tell you what to do, and that may be the most enticing benefit of all.

#3: Build a Loyal Group of Customers

When you do business online, the world is literally your playground. The whole goal is to create a raving group of fans that will be loyal to your brand for the rest of their lives. We’re not saying it’s easy to do, but with all of the resources available (including the business mastery courses from Digital Altitude), it’s never been simpler. If you can build a nice website, connect with the right customers and continue putting work in, you will experience success. Once you have those raving fans, you just need to keep putting out good content and keep them happy.

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