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is an Australian- based registered charity that seeks to meet the needs and relieve the suffering, illness, poverty and helplessness of children and families in distress. We establish relationships with leaders in developing nations and our own nation and work together with them to bring lasting and sustainable change. At present we have established relationships in Haiti, Thailand, New Britain and Australia.

We are a community of volunteers with a common goal to bring educational opportunities and sustainable solutions to youth and families in poverty, those without shelter, those lacking hope for a future life free of deprivation, children and adolescents involuntarily caught up in trafficking and those who lack basic human dignities and opportunities. We seek to meet these needs without regard to race, culture or religious persuasion.

We train and take teams of volunteer leaders on Frontier Journeys to these communities, where we put hands and feet to the privilege of loving and serving others.

Open here to see what we are doing in Haiti www.frontierprojects.org


Our School in New Britain

Mission Bay Group has been working on the Island of New Britain and in particular with community of Hoskins since 2010.

The nation of Papua New Guinea is particularly poor, third world, with most of the national people’s living a subsistence lifestyle below the poverty line.

The people of New Britain are very poor, with low levels of education and employment.

Basic community services are either non-existent or of poor quality and short funded.

On our first visit to the area of Kimbe and Hoskins, we were immediately moved by the following issues:

  1. Poor education facilities and low education rates
  2. Poor health education and facilities
  3. Lack of transport
  4. Poor standard of housing and shelter
  5. Total lack of potable water at any of the 25 local villages
  6. No electricity or sanitation services to the villages, etc.

When I say we were moved, we were determined to do something about the issues we saw, with our limited self-funding.

On subsequent trips to the area we have been able to get involved in projects such as providing clothing, providing sports equipment for the village and primary school children, provide stationary and teachers resource materials for the primary school teachers, complete home maintenance, provide machinery to make concrete building blocks, supplying tools and equipment, as well as teaching and training.

We were very pleased to partner with Frontier Projects in 2015, who generously provided funds to complete a potable water storage to the village of Vovosi in the Hoskins area. This entailed installing guttering to the community centre, buying and installing 5 water tanks and constructing/digging a well for a permanent water supply.

We have many more projects that we would like to complete in the Hoskins area, these range from installing potable water storage facilities to adjoining villages, building a primary school, building permanent housing, etc.

I have included several photos showing the current primary school, typical housing and the water storage project.



Bridging the Gap Community Services (BTG) is an unfunded community service to our local community of Coffs Harbour (Australia). Our heart is to help, support and mentor disadvantaged individuals and families affected by social pressures, drugs, alcohol, gambling, separation, divorce, and many other related issues. We also reach out to refugees, the homeless and other vulnerable members of the community facing crises. Many battle with low self worth and a sense of hopelessness. BTG stands with and encourages people to make better informed decisions and reduce harmful behaviours, offering them hope for a better future.

The services offered at Bridging the Gap Community Services Inc.:

  • Men’s Resource Centre
  • Women’s Services
  • Counselling / case management
  • De-briefing – available with psychologist and counsellors
  • Advocacy between services
  • Court support
  • Suicide prevention
  • Referral to industry providers
  • Ecumenical services for grief and loss
  • Pastoral care
  • service all clients; men, women, elderly, youth, children and the homeless clients in the region of Coffs Harbour.
  • Counselling and Educational programs offered by BTGCSI:

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